August 13, 2007

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Your Integrity Is Defined AsÖ The Righteousness of God.

But now the righteousness of God . . . is manifested.

KJV: Rom. 3.21

Integrity is defined in the Kingdom of God as Godís

righteousness. For if it is not Godís integrity it is our own.

And how from our own selves, can we have any of the

attributes of the character of God? We must have God in

order to have any of His attributes of His character.

It is necessary to have a clear definition of righteousness, for

the law is the righteousness of God defined.

Righteousness is one of the most interesting words in

Scripture. In Greek the word is dikaiosune, which literally

means equity of character. Equity of character is to possess

all good qualities in perfection and perfect balance.

The qualities of God are the attributes of God. His

communicable attributes are love, justice, holiness, truth,

mercy, wisdom and power. He alone possesses these

qualities or attributes in perfection and perfect balance.

Therefore only God is righteous and we then through

adoption have His attributes of His character deposited in us.

The manifestation or the evidence of His character is

seen as we make decisions to allow His law to direct our

thoughts and actions.

Blessed is the man . . . [whose] delight is in the law of the Lord . . . He

shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water . . .

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